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Your Smile Deserves a Single Visit Dental Crown in Indianapolis

dental crowns

Even those people who have been diligent when it comes to dental care find that with age, their teeth become weaker. For all of those individuals who weren’t quite so vigilant – and those with a genetic makeup that left them with weaker teeth – decay, wear and tear, fillings and injuries can lead to significant weakening. Left without proper treatment, cracks in the enamel, discoloration and other problems can build up and eventually affect your oral and overall health. Dr. Hollander, located in Indianapolis, provides solutions through dental care. 

Your smile might be corrected through the use of dental crowns. How can you tell if this procedure is the best option? The best way to decide is to visit with the dentist, but you can also ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are any existing crowns loose?
  • Are there stains and discoloration on any teeth?
  • Have you already tried metal or composite fillings unsuccessfully?
  • Would any of your teeth benefit from reinforcement?
  • Is your overall dental health affected by a weakened bite?

Single Visit Dental Crowns Available

Typical crowns can take as many as three visits to the dentist’s office, but we use advanced technology to craft permanent crowns while you wait in just a few short hours. Single visit crowns are not only fast and dependable, but they can save you the headache of wasted time and money to wait weeks between office visits. Ask Dr. Hollander if a single visit crown could work for you.

Porcelain for Permanent Fixes

Crowns provide a permanent solution to a large number of dental issues. Rather than trying to get by with temporary fixes that might actually increase the extent of the damage, talk with the dentist about using a corrective porcelain crown.

Serving Carmel, Zionsville and Surrounding Communities

No matter what is causing you to feel uncomfortable about your smile, Dr. Hollander can help. We are proud to say that our dentist is responsible for many of the happy, healthy smiles in Carmel, Zionsville, Fishers, Westfield and the surrounding communities. Call the office of Dr. Hollander in Indianapolis to schedule an appointment. Our number is 317-259-1501. 

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