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3 Powerful Advantages of Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry
Laser dentistry is gaining traction in the market and is common in many dental offices across the country. Available in a range of different powers, dental lasers have been approved by the ADA for everything from decay removal and gingival contouring to teeth whitening and root canals.
This post lists three advantages of laser dentistry, and why you should consider working with a dentist who offers this powerful service.   

1. Instant Curing 

One of the most useful applications of dental lasers is for curing composite resins. The fact that these powerful light beams can quickly and efficiently cure these resins gives dentists better control over restorations. This feature comes in handy during everything from fillings to dental bonding, since dentists use many of the same materials to complete a wide range of restorations.
Lasers use a very specific, concentrated range of invisible light to heat up a very small area. Using products that respond to this light, dentists can harden and dry restorations in an instant, saving patients time and improving the outcome of the repair.
For instance, if you are having your teeth bonded, dentists can prepare the tooth, place composite resins in place, and then cure the compound with a laser in a few seconds, giving them the chance to check the quality of the repair and make additional adjustments.
The instantaneous nature of dental lasers is also beneficial for people who struggle with dental anxiety since strong repairs can be made quickly and easily. Instead of waiting for dentists to create the perfect place for traditional amalgam fillings, your doctor can cure a strong composite filling that bonds with your existing enamel and dentin - reducing your treatment time dramatically.  

2. Less Pain and Bleeding 

Dental lasers are also special because they seal the ends of nerves and blood vessels on contact, eliminating the majority of pain and bleeding. Because of this benefit, laser dentistry is used widely in gingival contouring, decay removal, and even periodontal treatment.
Your dentist will gently use the laser to remove tissue, make incisions, or help with problems like canker sores. At low settings, the laser can remove surface cells, while at higher settings, the laser can cut away tissue or even dental enamel, which is why they can be used in decay removal.
Dental lasers are so efficient at reducing pain and bleeding that children's dentists prize them since they offer parents a drug-free alternative to traditional dental treatments. Instead of feeling the pain of a dental laser, children may feel a small amount of heat as the cavity is zapped. After the area has been treated, the decay will break away from the healthy portions of the tooth, preventing the need for noisy drills.
In fact, one of the things that makes dental lasers special is the fact that they shine through healthy tissues while being absorbed by blood and pigmented bacteria. This means that during restorations, more of your healthy tissue is protected, eliminating unintentional damage.

3. Fewer Infections

In addition to giving dentists more control over restorations, dental lasers are also special because they can sanitize gum tissue and areas inside teeth, preventing complications like inflammation and infections. Research has shown that dental lasers can kill as much as 99.9% of bacteria - even if that bacteria isn't on the surface of the gum tissue or tooth.
Reducing bacterial numbers is essential during procedures to treat gum disease, since leaving bacteria in place could result in future problems with infection. As the dentist zaps away bacteria in the periodontal pockets, the tissue becomes much healthier, and the gums have the chance to heal properly.
Whether you are struggling with yellow teeth and dental decay or full-blown periodontal disease, laser dentistry can help. Here at the office of Jay A. Hollander, DDS, our team makes every effort to make sure you are comfortable and well-cared for in our office. To book your next visit, give us a call today.